Educational Therapy

Structured, systematic & individualized instruction using Orton-Gillingham approach to nurture the full potential of students with learning disabilities.

Professional Training

In-depth accredited professional educational programs that enrich the professional development qualifications of teachers and language practitioners.

Testing & Evaluation

Brief assessment to a full educational battery of tests to confirm suspicion of language-based difficulties so the child gets the type of help he she needs.

Language skills are the key to success in education and in the work place. They must be learned not by-passed. Approximately 20% of student population fails to master language skills at the same rate as their peers. Dyslexia/specific learning disability can cause bright capable, emotionally stable individual to enter a spiral of underachievement. Their difficulty is in learning to read, write and spell, Individuals with such difficulties can learn the skills they find most challenging if they are provided with a program that is uniquely designed and built around their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Your Success. Our Achievement

Mahjabeen F. Sadik M. Ed (USA)

Orton-Gillingham Practitioner, Fellow/AOGPE(USA),Counselling

Practicing since 1987

Training Flyer

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